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The 1971 Karmann Ghia was rated 60 HP gross, while the 2004 Prius was rated 110 HP net. I do not know how comparable the 1973 engine was, but it was rated 46 HP net. We are very well looking at 140% more power and I imagine the drivetrain is far more efficient.

The thing is, as I mentioned, when I put in the numbers I had for the Karmann Ghia, it said it would have a 12.8-second 0 - 60. In order to get 21 seconds I needed to drop the horsepower to 23.

If Hoopie's car weighs 2,250 pounds (500 more than stock), Carspec estimates it would have a 9.346 second 0 - 60.

That still does not sound fast, but isn't 110 HP good for 2,250 pounds?
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