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Where to from here

I have been trying various fuel saving methods and ultimate aim is cleaner exhaust and saving fuel .

My research into the various methods has lead me to a most frustrating point .
Which mod or method is to be used .

1) Plasma spark cap booster
2) Change spark plug wires from resistive to non-resistive leads
3) Fuel Vaporizer by venturi (PCV_T-piece)
4)Fuel vaporizer by pump- external-plus map enhancer
5)HHO generation plus Map enhancer-via venturi .
6)Fog mist injection.
7)Water injection
8)Heated fuel lines .
9)Magnets on fuel line.
10)Install wideband O2 sensor to monitor.
11)Fail-safe method in event HHO or fuel vaporizor is defective or stops producing .
12)Gadgetman Groove.

It is getting to the point at where to start .In my country some of the items are imports and become very expensive so going down a route has to be evaluated carefully .

So far I have made my own spiral hho which really helps the exhaust emission and looking at getting a dry cell to make a permanant install.
I have also experimented with fuel vaporizor and bubbler before hho .

My vehicle is still getting lower consumprtion than the manual BUT would like more .

I have seen very little on the net where anyone had used multiple methods to achieve the goals.Most are videos of achievement of installing , but no follow up to give monthly or cause and effect .

Little frustrating but hope someone has some good input.
Thanks in advance
South Africa

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