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Originally Posted by aerohead
Originally Posted by freebeard
Lies. All lies. just ask e. e. cummings.
The quote you've attributed to me,I never posted.
"My browser does not give me a broken red line for heatwave, but says that freebeard should be capitalized."

Originally Posted by oil pan 4
You should read the comments on face book on sponsored posts on alternative energy.
There are no shortage of genuine idiots.
You should find a way to read them without going to Facespook itself, lest you become one too. That's what Facespook do.

Originally Posted by sendler
Rearanging is the only solution. We are not going to build our way out of resource depletion.
Disruptive technological advance is technically re-arranging, so yeah.
Originally Posted by redpoint5
If you happen to live on top of a mountain, I could go way more ambitious and beam it to your undisclosed and uber hidden location. I just need a bearing to point the antenna. Oh, and you'd have to mount/aim the very directional antenna at your location too.
I can tell when I'm being socially engineered.
"Never trust an actor with a gun"
Abraham Lincoln (probably)

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