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Battery lifespan depends on a lot of factors. Yes, age is a factor, but so are design, cooling, and management. The super battery nerds over at Insight Central, from what I can tell, seem to think the G2 Insight (after getting the 3 software updates from the dealership) and the first few years of the G2 Prius have really reliable batteries.

I don't personally know much about the Prius, but people have claimed over 200K miles in a G2 Insight without IMA trouble. I got my G2 IMA software updates I believe around 90k miles and I haven't had issues. My G2 has over 135k now. The G2 Insight doesn't lean as heavily on the IMA as the G1 did, and it even has a smaller pack. It's also got a super powerful fan to pump air through the battery. My understanding is that temperature management is one of the make-or-break factors, and that hybrids with poor thermal regulation and NiMH batteries tend to have shorter battery lifespans.
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