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Originally Posted by Isaac Zackary View Post
You ride your bicycle in weather that's between -40F (-40C) to 0F (-15C) in blowing snow at night?!
Yes. My coldest commute was indicating -28 Celsius when I lived in Pennsylvania, although the weather boys reckoned it was only -21. Blowing snow is no problem, only becomes an impediment when its settled on the ground, in which I wouldn't take to the roads at all unless there's an SAR callout. Trust me, as a big feller I'm much happier in the cold than the heat! Its the purest pursuit of wheeled fuel economy.

Cycling in the snow is great fun and a good way to develop your control skills (I'm an MTB skills instructor), and viable means of transport. The bike will go in any conditions the average 2wd car will go. However, as aforementioned, I stay off the roads entirely if I can by that point because of all the brain donors slithering about in their cars like drunk dodgems.

Once you've unsuccesfully given CPR to a 13 year old girl having a severe asthma attack who died in your hands, then you start to get a little bit conscious of unnecessary air pollution in the urban environment. I'm not having a downer, just offering the method that works for me in the OPs situation, one so obvious that most folk overlook it (or requiring so much effort that many folk can't be arsed to consider it) that doesn't produce nasty pollution just where you need it the least.

Short of garraging the car when not in use and pre heating the coolant and sump I can't see any obvious, pactical solution to the Ops scenario

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