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Originally Posted by slowmover View Post
Keep your social credit slave collar shiny. No matter how many humiliating lies it takes. Which is the point of them.
No, the point of social credit is that we're living in increasingly "share" based
communities. Social rating is absolutely crucial to correctly calculate the risk of someone's behavior vs the potential profit of doing business with them.

I wouldn't let anyone borrow my vehicle knowing nothing about them, and I'd let anyone borrow it if they had a track record of being responsible.

Building a sharing community is absolutely vital to stem wasteful consumerism and conserve resources. Sharing and environmentalism and cost reduction are all related.

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
I never said man has no influence on the environment.

Dark matter and man driven climate change have things in common. Both are based on guesses, both take creative math to work, both ignore the obvious answers, both are used to explain things we don't fully understand.
My comment didn't say you denied human effects on environment, it said you deny effects on climate. You've created a straw man rebuttal against something I didn't argue. You have said that humans do not contribute to global warming, or at least not in any significant way.

I'm against the notion that the science has been settled in either extreme conclusion, which is why your opinions end up being criticized by me. There are way too many variables to know with a high degree of certainty to what extent humans affect climate change, and to what extend that is bad (for humans).

What is the obvious answer to dark matter? I've not even heard of a guess as to what it is besides possible unaccounted for matter that doesn't interact in our universe except gravitationally.
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