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Originally Posted by slowmover View Post
EV is being forced. Period. Itís nothing but greater control.

Howís your social credit score?

Oh, no local suppliers, and online wonít accept your order.

EV is more of the same. (Sorry, no charging for you. Anywhere).

One can argue content, but itís who determined context that mattered.

Who, whom.

*Some of 'We the People' have decided to transition off carbon combustion.If you want to destroy states rights,and the Republic,well I guess,then We the People don't have a voice,or due process anymore.
*If incentives are offered,how is that interpreted as forcing?
*Are you going to bring back Thalidomide?
*Wood-fired,steam locomotives?
*Does the fact that many activities can be done without internal combustion alter our options for the future?
*Do you defend burning the entire surface of the earth more than one-and-a half times a year?
Do you believe that all lifeforms evolved to live on a planet which is completely burned 1-1/2 times each year?
*If you thought you had off-the-shelf technology to perform this transition,would you not exercise your option,given the consequences?
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