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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
EVs are excellent cars for short to medium range driving, and terrible for long distance. Multi-vehicle families should have at least 1 EV if they have access to home charging.

I'm guessing free charging will go away since you'll get people abusing it. Very few people will want to use slow charging infrastructure if it isn't free, since it would cost more than charging at home. For this reason, slow chargers in the public are also mostly a gimmick. People don't want to rely on a charger being available at their destination to be able to make it back home, for instance. If they aren't relying on a charger being available, then any charging they do is opportunistic rather than a necessity.
A couple of road warriors with CAR and DRIVER drove a Tesla Model S P85,from Ann Arbor,Michigan,to New York,then to Los Angeles,and I think their only complaint,was the choice of restaurants near the Supercharger stations.
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