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If it’s available for you to rent, I for one would be damned fascinated for your take (hell, any vehicle).

Rhetorically, what’s the main re-supply route? (meaning, type of roads: paved shoulders; designation-type, etc). Exposure times, speeds, and distances. This is crucial to the following as higher speed roads have different rules:
An example of how reliable transportation could change my life: Grubhub drivers get $13 and hour plus $0.50 a mile. I hope to retain the diesel Dasher for road trips.

My thought is a 1934 Ford commercial 8" headlight mounted in the center as a DRL. Hope I can get one with Beemer-style Angel Eyes. Maybe dual trolling rods with little flags on them. But not the local sports team. ....maybe Kekistani flags?

Lemmy -- Don't doubt they have global aspirations, but it will have to grow organically. They only have $180 Million to play with.
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