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Originally Posted by 19bonestock88 View Post
I agree with the above, a quart per oil change (3K mi)isnít too bad...

That being said if you wanted to rebuild it *shouldnt* cost several thousand, unless youíre building it to make some serious power... if you could get by without having it bored over (and thus having to replace pistons) it would likely only be a few hundred in parts to make *everything else* new or good as new...

Either the shop charges a lot per hour for labor or theyíre gouging you just because itís an import... I hear lots of ď them little import carsĒ talk in rural communities, just because itís not a Ford, Chevy, or Dodge/Chrysler... they shut up when I tell them my was assembled in Tennessee...
Yeah, it's not terrible but I'm way too OCD to just leave things alone. I definitely don't plan on building a racing motor, I really just want it to be as close to stock (and hopefully retain stock reliability and longevity) and 'like new' as possible. I was guessing a few hundred in parts, maybe a bit more in labor. I may try to do some of it myself, but I've never worked on cars before and I don't want to have it out of action longer than necessary.

Oh well, it's all speculation at this point since I don't have the car in my possession yet. I'd love to be able to end up with a new-looking and driving car for 1/4 the price of an actual new car these days. I have a few plans for creature-comfort mods such as a better seats, decent stereo and some sound dampening for long drives, maybe some upgraded suspension for aerodynamics and/or better handling on my curvy mountain roads.

I'd love to build another one as a track car and go nuts with performance parts and whatnot, but right now I just need a reliable and efficient commuter that I can actually look forward to driving every day. Can't wait to bring it home and start posting pictures and whatnot. Good chance it will remain untouched for a number of months while I save up money to tackle projects in batches to save labor costs, but I'm sure there will be at least some updates in the mean time.
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