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Originally Posted by 19bonestock88 View Post
My advice is to find a spare engine to build as you get money/time... I did that with the LSJ in my other Saturn and it made the swap something that took a week versus spending six months with nothing in the engine bay... surely a D15 wouldnít be too hard to come by?

I had planned the same for the Saturn Iím driving... so far itís about 10hp over stock, has a non stock stereo and Recaro seats from my Redline, with Redline suspension for the corners... if I drive it conservatively in the summer I can average over 50mpg and it isnít half bad to drive...

You can do it!!
Not a bad idea! I'll see if I can find another motor for a decent price. Last one I saw they were asking $1500, which I don't think I could justify given the $1700 price of the entire car. If I can find one for a few hundred bucks, I've got a barn that I could use to store and work on it- it would at least be a good learning experience without having to rush and risk making a mistake. After it was done, I'd still have a spare motor as well! I've considered buying a second complete car and doing the same thing- just drive one while building my "ultimate daily driver" then driving it while building the first into a gnarly canyon carver. I'm a speed freak, and living right in the heart of some of the best roads in the country doesn't help curb the habit...
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