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Bought a LiFePO4 battery

My Cruze lead-acid battery is about to be 5 years old so I'm pulling the trigger on a Christmas present for myself. Bioenno Power 12V, 500 CCA, 20-30 Ah "lead acid equivalent." 4.4 pound weight. The website says it can handle a brief spike to 625 CCA. I'll put a supercapacitor in parallel, if I have to...

With the BLACKFRIDAY promo code, it's 15% off, so my total cost will be $216. That's about the same as a high-end lead-acid battery, anyway. I'm very excited.

I'm currently googling whether I can charge this battery up with a power supply or if I should spend the extra $15 for a charger. I guess I can charge it with a power supply.

In other car news, I had to replace the Cruze thermostat and the Leaf accessory battery, but other than that, the cars have needed 0 repairs.

2024 Chevy Bolt

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