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Originally Posted by 19bonestock88 View Post
Aw, HELL YEAH man! Got ya a G1 insight! Now, if I’m not mistaken, didn’t they remove lots of lean burn functionality in the later years?
I think I might be the youngest Gen 1 Insight owner out there.

Not sure about your question on the lean burn though. It seems to go into lean burn fine; but it's really finicky and really easy to get out of it. The lowest MPG in 5th gear with and without lean burn seems to correlate with what I've read.


Took the Insight for a 9.1 mile drive today. I'm still learning how to drive manual so I didn't go on many main roads. Most of the roads were just rugged dirt roads with stop signs every half mile to mile. Anyway, I managed to pull 71.9 MPG over that 9.1 mile drive in the Insight! Considering I barely know how to drive the thing, and that it was all dirt roads, that isn't bad. My Civic would maybe have gotten 50 MPG on that drive, maybe. Only mod is 60 PSI in the tires. I do feel the harsher ride though! In my Civic I ran 68 PSI and didn't notice the ride being any harsher than 36 PSI, but 32 PSI to now 60 PSI in the RE92s sure make the ride rougher. I'll take it though for the MPGs.

Still trying to figure out lean burn though. Seems a lot more finicky than I expected. I don't feel anything when it goes into lean burn mode, but I can testify to about 70 MPG @ 35-40 MPH being the lowest fuel economy in lean burn, and about 45 MPG @ 38 MPH being the lowest fuel economy with the gas pedal floored in 5th gear. It's also really easy to go out of lean burn.

Autostop works at speeds under 10 MPH. I thought it was 20 MPH but I guess not.

Really loving this car!!

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