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No, the one with the rebuilt engine and transmission was a silver one that was priced much higher. This one also has ~250K miles, and has also been regularly maintained, per the Carfax and our thorough inspection of the car.

The Carfax did not indicate an engine or transmission rebuild, yet the engine has shown no evidence anywhere of oil leakage after having driven it close to 100 miles including test drives and me practicing. The transmission doesn't have the grind either, so either this car somehow escaped those things or they were replaced but not documented. None of the common issues with Insights were found on it, like the wet seatbelt issue. Motor mounts were one of the things recently replaced. Exterior needs a little bit of work with the paint (especially the front bumper) and I need to take off the fender skirts and get replacement mounting clips since they're just bolted on the car for some reason. Literally the only rust on the car is on one of the windshield wiper brackets and some slight discoloration on a small part of the frame underneath the car.
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