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Here's what happened with the battery during drives with the Insight:

- Beginning of test drive when looking at the car for the first time: 100% battery
- 10 miles of city driving, little battery use: 1 bar down
- finished test drive since we didn't have a dealer plate at the time so we stuck to back roads
- Returned the next day to test more things and make an offer
- Test drove it again: battery, 100%
- Began driving. Went on more main roads and battery went down a couple bars. Then accelerated onto the highway and battery quickly drained to 60%
- By the time we finished the second test drive the battery was at 30% and had been force regenning for a while. This is partly because my dad drove it and uses clutch+brake to slow down instead of downshifting, and so gets no regen from braking.
- After buying the car dad started it to drive home. I followed in the Civic. He said battery again was full and went down to 60%. Was 40% by the time we got home after force regenning the whole way.
- Later that day I had my first manual driving lesson. He taught me to brake using clutch+brake as he knew. Because of the lesson, the battery went down to 20%.
- Drove it today over my 9.1 mile drive and got it recharged back up to 60% mostly from coasting in gear and downshifting when braking. Then suddenly towards the end of the drive after it had been at 60% for a minute or so it jumped to 100%. Then after using assist to accelerate from a stop, it quickly went back down to 60% and stayed there.

I'm guessing the battery has ~60% capacity left. Is this a reasonable conclusion to draw from how I described it's performance?
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