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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
Decent economy for just starting out! You're actually beating my winter economy numbers already, but these cars are very sensitive to temperature and it's been wicked cold here - down to 6F yesterday. Driving from Vermont to Michigan I was averaging 55mpg at 55mph until I got out of the Adirondacks, at which point it improved to around 60mpg at 70mph, probably mostly due to increased outside air temperature. Right now I don't have my grille 100% blocked or my warm air intake installed (which I very highly recommend) since I expect to pull the engine in less than 2 weeks.
Only getting higher winter economy numbers because I have a hybrid battery probably. Driven the same way you would easily beat me due to your familiarity with the vehicle. I'm just trying to drive it without stalling it right now. And wait, you're in Michigan right now??

Definitely planning on a WAI, but I don't have the time right now. I leave to return to college early tomorrow morning.

Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
Probably worth mentioning but the IMA/regen switch doesn't work the same way on the (I believe) 05-06 models. I think you still get assist, just no regen, which isn't terribly helpful in my opinion. Might be useful with a falling battery but yours doesn't sound to be that. They do behave differently in other ways too than earlier years but I wouldn't call it better or worse.
Wait really? Gr! Is this something that can be hacked/overridden? I couldn't find a "button" beneath the brake pedal like I think I remember you saying there was on, say, your 2000. Is it just a more complicated wiring thing or what? I seriously want a regen switch to help with charging the battery.

What other differences do the '05 and '06 have compared to the older models?

Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
Regarding batteries, what you saw was a "positive recalibration". It's probably an oversimplification to say that it has 60% of its original capacity, but that may not be far from the truth. The car was charging the battery until it saw the battery voltage begin to rise rapidly, suggesting it was full, at which point it adjusted it's capacity estimate and recalibrated the gauge. Even new batteries can have this happen.
What about the fact that it discharges from full to 60% rapidly upon anything more than light assist?

Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
Is it a front or rear wheel bearing? Rear you can very likely do yourself.
I don't remember offhand except that it was on the driver's side. I think it might be the front one though. Planning on fixing it when I return for winter break 2nd week of December.
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