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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
Yeah, my fuel economy numbers have improved every year, all else equal. In Detroit for the weekend, might see you at an Insight meet someday if you're into that sort of thing.
I would definitely go to an Insight meet if it wasn't all the way in California or something, and was in the summer when I'm home from college. Do you know when the next one is?

Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
I should clarify, the regen button still works. It's the clutch switch (also called calpod) which functions differently - depressing the clutch switch only prevents regen and not assist. A MIMA would work around this. There are actually a lot of more advanced IMA mods I never got into.
Aaahhh, good. I'll need to look at the regen switch thread again. I saw one where wiring up the Rostra cruise control could make the "cancel" button act like a regen button, but it looked more complicated than the normal regen button I saw on here before.

Would the calpod still cause assist because of some weakness in the mod? since I wouldn't think the car would want to assist in neutral at all.

Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
-Three O2 sensors rather than two in 2001(?). Stricter emissions related. No effect on economy. I think the O2 sensors might have been different in every year of the car too. Careful if they ever need replacement.
Three? Where is the third one? I only saw two when inspecting the engine.

Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
-Tan/beige interior rather than grey and black and the seats got sporty-looking holes in the head rests. I like the 00-04 interior colors better but ymmv.
I like the gray better too, but tan/beige hides dirt better. Then again, I didn't buy the Insight for interior design. I might focus on that after implementing all my planned ecomods.

Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
-Rear speakers became standard in 2004(?)
Didn't get a chance to look at the speaker setup. Seems to be the same as the Civic, but sounds better because it's a smaller cabin.

Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
-Probably quit coming with a tape deck.
Yup, CD slot instead.

Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
I know for certain my 2000 would not go into lean burn with the Arduino IMA bypass, while most others reported their cars did.
How did you get lean burn then with your bypass?

Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
Hard to say. The battery gauge doesn't reflect what's really going on, nor do the assist and regen gauges. Sometimes you'll really have 1 bar of regen for miles but it won't show up. Full and empty on the battery gauge are generally ~40% and ~80% actual charge in the battery, but halfway down may or may not be 60%. I'd prefer if they were more honest, but presumably Honda had their reasons. Much like how fuel gauges aren't linear?
Hm, true I guess. Is there a way to test the battery? How accurate is the fuel gauge? I would think it would be more accurate due to it being digital.

Originally Posted by fusion210 View Post
And welcome to the Insight family! Not very many of us last year guys around.

I read the same things about some of the hacks people doing not working for us which is sad.
Thanks! Seems most people have 2000s. Do you know if the VIN # accurately indicates what # the Insight was in production?

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