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No Co2 cartridges,please...

They are for emergency race use only,everyone else should use a pump...Why?

I can't tell you how many of these empty CO2 cartridges line the roadways...and they are not cheap!...their only benefit is they are only needed in a triathlon,or off road race...

I have seen people freeze the skin off their palm with these things...try riding after that!And if there happens to be a problem with your tube,or you didn't find what poked the hole,and it does it AGAIN,immediately,well,....Pumps give you many chances,and work for routine inflation as well....

you just really need a small pump,and a multiple patch kit...You can make small bike size patches from larger automotive ones,and I use a small glass bottle for glue,cuz the tubes of glue evaporate...Likewise the self stick patches deteriorate to uselessness quickly...

Finally,tires with a kevlar belt under the tread(NOT the bead) will let you ride through some stuff that is shockingly sharp...

Get a pump,a mini tool with a chain tool,a patchkit,good belted tires,keep them very HARD,and enjoy the ride,...also watch the road surface and don't ride over sharp stuff!

Flats suck!
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