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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
The stock tire size is 165/65R14, same as the 1st gen Insight.
In that's size, there's only 1 B rated tire for RR on the market here
(with XL load carrying - which tends to help RR - without it, it's C-rated ...)
The others are C-rated

That Maxxis tyre is one up from the bottom on testing in 175/65/14 though ...

At least in Europe, we have more choice in 175/65/14
B-rating is as good as it gets there

From a TCO pov, there's no way you'll ever recover the price difference between these thru reduced fuel costs - not even here in Europe with higher fuel costs & lower "tiny" tyres prices.

But, there are a lot of not-well-known brands out there.
Unknown with good reason, often ...

They're usually the ones that describe as unfit.

175/65/14 test by ADAC
Look for column Kraftstoff Verbrauch (fuel use)
Lower numbers are better

Nass = wet
Trocken = dry
Verschleiss = wear
Geräusch = noise

GasDwarf's fuel consumption :
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