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The tonneau cover has been a nice addition and clear fuel economy improvement. average 1-1.5mpg consistently. It even got me almost summer blend diesel mpg out of winter blend. I can't say the fuel additives are good/bad but for diesels I feel the power service product diesel kleen made an improvement in winter blended fuels for me.

Air dam is a little more difficult because of deep snow so I am looking for another front used bumper to modify. The superduty front bumpers are only held on by 4 bolts and are very easy. So I will have an air dam in the garage for winters then 10 min swap to air dam in summers.

I looked into lowering the truck but its not cost effective at the moment. I would need new oem front leaf springs around $140+ each even used outrageous. then swap the rear block for another with the same angle. Plus getting shorter shocks for the front.

I have dabbled with the idea of an angled tonneau cover for simpleness but this winter I will have more inside time to see about fabricating a small frame and possibly some sort of plastic for the shell. My brother is a much more accomplished fabricator then me so he would probably help choose material and assembly etc.

other mods that improve driveability but not measureably mpg.

-Motorcraft AIS severe duty intake-more direct ram intake style along with whats called a zoodad mod for the 99-07 powerstrokes.

-wicked wheel 2 turbo wheel-lowered egts, builds boost faster,

-power hungry performance chip-Love the high idle and no start features and can get custom tunes for shifting.

-straight pipe-lowered egts, way more sound, interestingly little more get up on low end acceleration too.

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