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Originally Posted by ASV View Post
my first truck had the gas tank behind the seat inside the cab
I never smelled it from inside unless I had some on my hands
from refueling. Same with my Bug the tank under the seat in the back
I guess it was vented to the outside anyway. BTW I remember the fuel tank in the Opel Corsa right below the rear seat, if I lifted the seat I could easily reach the lift pump, but it had some seal in order to prevent vapors and liquid spills to the cabin.

however I would move the tank on that trike under the cargo box
for better stability. That one is likely in the worst possible place
for tipping over
I'd also be inclined to move the tank, mostly in order to allow the fitment of an enclosure. Would also have to make a doghouse around the engine, roughly like the ones fitted to American full-size vans.

I think a heavy canvas oil tarp would be sufficient for a floor and sides
and with screen as Windows ventilation is not a problem.
It may work, but I'd prefer something rigid. Fiberglass and plexiglass FTW

the only similar thing available here in Phoenix is a Japanese micro truck dealership
where they are sold as ranch quads about $4000
I actually like those kei trucks too.
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