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Originally Posted by bikin' Ed View Post
...ward off unfriendly dogs...
boy did THAT bring me down memory lane!

This slobbering, barking, mean Roti used to chase me everytime I road past his place... which happened to be along this uphill section of road between Niles Canyon and Castro Valley <can't remember the road's name right now..>.

The water bottle squirt trick didn't phase him... ignoring him didn't work...stopping just made him more aggressive... finally whacking him is the arse using my pump like a polo mallet did the trick! yipe-yipe-yipe!

Smart dog though... riding past him in the future, all I had to do was motion like I was going to reach for my pump and he'd give up the chase, head for home, tail between his legs.

I'm an animal lover through and through, but I swear it was me or him
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