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Originally Posted by smwoodruff0908 View Post
I wanted to order a set of smooth hubcaps for my 2000 Civic DX, but I'm not sure if they'll work. The stock hubcaps are held on by the lugnuts, and the outside of them isn't clipped into the rim like normal hubcaps. I found a listing on eBay, but it says it probably won't work if your OEM caps are held on by lugnuts. So has anyone tried this? Anyone got smooth hubcaps or other caps to fit like normal ones where they pop into your rim on a Civic? Thanks in advance.

Woody,hi,I'm guessing that since you already have wheel covers,you have steel wheels. I have the MOON- style caps on my CRX.I have steel wheels and they are drilled and tapped in six places to hold the covers on.Rim-mounted balance weights were replaced with adhesive-backed stick-on weights so the caps fit flush.Sounds like the "beauty-ring" style,push-in-place covers won't work or your car would have used that type cover to begin with.But the "original" MOONs are still your option.
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