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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I remember you saying that, and I quote you in another forum to give people a sense of the problem. Those that think all we need to do is drive EVs and switch to LED bulbs are not comprehending the scope of the problem.

Me and Sendler aren't advocates for oil, as far as I can tell. I'm a truth seeker, and the truth right now is that most all of the world's wealth is attributable to fossil fuels, and transitioning away is going to be slow going, especially at first. You'll find no posts by me advocating for lower efficiency, or burning fossil fuels needlessly, or denying the enormous amounts of energy the sun provides.

People who think it can be done in 20 years don't understand the magnitude of the problem. To transition most energy consuming things to electricity, and transition electricity production to clean plants is a doozy of a problem, especially considering nobody is even testing new nuclear reactor designs. Instead we're spending time and money deploying solar and wind, which isn't even keeping up with the growth in energy, let alone begin replacing existing demand.

It's entirely pointless to fight human nature. We'll continue to burn fossil fuels until alternatives are cheaper. The argument that renewables are cheaper, or that they are cheaper when factoring in externalities is debunked. If utilizing fossil fuels was bad for humans, then we would see declining life expectancy, declining population, declining wealth per capita, declining health... when in fact the opposite is true.
It would be an interesting experiment!
Like some have said,an Apollo Mission.
Right now we're Apollo-13.Our cryo-stir has exploded our oxygen supply.The carbon dioxide level in the command module is reaching lethal partial pressure.We have no Flight Director and engineering team,who can jury-rig a duct taped, a lithium hydroxide canister together to save our bacon.
We could,but the problem is not to be believed.Talk of it might hurt the effete sensibilities of today's civilized man.
We'll just get another planet when we trash this one.

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