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Bumping this thread back up. GGP announced a couple weeks ago that the next running will be April 5, 2019! Although it's been cold here and I've been busy with school and work, I've gotten a a few things done, with many more on my list before April.

-Repaired front bumper cover with fiberglass. I had a run-in with a raccoon in Indiana a couple years ago that cracked the cover and grill in several places. I had stitched it back up with zip ties, but I took the whole thing off and repaired it properly last weekend.
-New grill block. I calculated the size of the OEM grill openings (yay calculus!) and made a stealth block out of aluminum sheet to reduce it to 1/6 the radiator area, full width slot. (I'll get a picture soon). The Prius's radiator is fully ducted in front; part of the lower duct had gotten cracked as well, now repaired.
-All else as above, except the rear seats have gone back in. Since I don't have a garage to store them in, and they're quite bulky, I swapped them back in the car for the winter. Everything else is still out, including the radio. I've come to quite enjoy the silence, especially on long road trips.

Planning before April 5:
-New tail, this time a lightweight design. Details to come.
-Thermal engine blanket, to reduce warmup times.
-Thermal cabin insulation. I got this idea from reading van forums; since I camp in this car quite frequently, and will on my way to the GGP again, I'd like to add some thermal insulation both beneath the interior panels/headliner/carpet, as well as on my window blocks. That way when I hole up for the night, I can have almost a complete insulative layer wrapping the entire cabin. And since thermal insulation is light (and is better the lighter it is), it shouldn't add much mass to the car.

4 weeks of Winter Break start after my last final tomorrow, which should give me time to work on some of these.

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