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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Do you have reflector or projector headlights?

I found that the LEDs I used had acceptable cutoff in a reflector housing, but not projector.
They are projectors.
They had a sharp cutoff and almost no stray light at all with the OEM halogens, which was a problem as we don't have side running lights over here. AFAIK they are the same units used for Insights with OEM HIDs.
My aftermarket HIDs have a sharp cutoff and little stray light too.
These oversized LEDs don't. The beam seems less bright than even halogen, but that's 'compensated' by ample stray light.

This morning somebody nearly cut me off. I wasn't using the LEDs in the fogs, just the HID low beams - and he clearly had not seen me...
I will (also) use the LEDs permanently from now on. They seem too bright at night when the low beam HIDs are just on, as those don't have their full brightness at first - especially when it is this cold. But once the HIDs are at full strength the LEDs are just a bit brighter to the eye than the HIDs above the cutoff, so not really blinding.

There is a tiny color difference; my HIDs are 5000K, the LEDs more like 6000K. Apart from each other both look neutral white, but the HIDs lean slightly towards yellow. Most small '6000K' LEDs look blueish white, these don't.
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