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This thread hasn't got my pulse up at all, because I don't care if I'm right; I merely enjoy the discussion. So far I would say I've learned the most from Sendler and that has slightly moved my opinion on things. freebeard goes above my head usually, and I don't currently have a lifetime of free time to catch up. References are sometimes too obscure for me to grasp without extensive goog... er, duckduckgoing.

aerohead makes it clear that if the issue is existential in nature, then everything is on the table as possible solutions. Most people, including climate scientists, don't regard the problem as existential.
I like your assessment. Sometimes I go over my own head. I try to leave those out. I'm just Happy to Be Here.
All of my neighbors are all up in arms
About something they saw on TV
Seems some politician got busted for somethin'
That won't make any difference to me
Now I'm sure it's all true and I'm tired of this too
But I can't pray for someone to fall
I let all them people do what people do
I'm just happy to be here at all
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Originally Posted by aerostealth
For oil pan, love it when great wits say something is impossible. Strangely they continue to think the current state of affairs that is a spiraling impossibility is the only forward.
All this what-iffing ignores the possibility that if you can deliver wind power by Zeppelin, you can use the tethered Zeppelin as a power source and storage for hydrogen.

See the Aeromodeller2 . Direct link for your convenience: (not loading for me right now)

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