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Originally Posted by old_biker View Post
my wife has a 2012 Prius C, I am pissed off at Toyota, the newer ones get 5mpg worse? same as regular Prius when we bought ours, & now regular models are still 5mpg worse than were 6 years ago. I bought ours new when first came out, a 2012 model, have managed 58-63 mpg on trips, but normally 49-53 just daily driving.
The car hasn't changed, but the EPA's correction factors have, and they issued a bulletin in 2016 that applied a more aggressive correction factor to MY 2017 and up vehicles. Toyota chose to retroactively apply that correction factor to some 2011-2016 models like the regular Prius (was 50 mpg combined, now 48 mpg), but not others (Prius c). Underneath, nothing's actually changed.

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