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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
EVs won't overburden electrical production, and likely will help to smooth the difference between peak and off-peak load. This is because most will be charged overnight, when there is lowest demand.

The biggest problem will be with fast charging infrastructure. There's talk of 350 kW chargers in the near future. Typical household consumption is 1.2 kW, so plugging in an EV on one of these chargers will be like 290 houses suddenly appearing on the grid. Multiply that by the number of chargers in use, and you've got a real problem trying to keep energy production exactly at demand, which is required by the grid.
Some have been talking about infrastructure projects.
Tom Selleck says that the 30-million retired American homeowners have $6-Trillion in equity.Perhaps they could each throw a few bucks into a hat and bankroll some energy production.
It would be a lot of jobs.
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