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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Look what that accomplishes.
Everyone who needs or wants a vehicle gets ones, virtually all of these vehicles still burn gasoline or diesel. That's not green technology, it's just smaller pieces of machinery that uses marginally less fuel.
Germany and the EU are burning more coal then just a few years ago, your tax and redistribution of wealth ponzi scheme has failed and it was never designed to fix anything. It was just a feel good bandaid that was eventually going to fall off.
As far as I've seen since 1973,the only thing that can change an American's behavior is through the purse,either with a carrot,or a stick.
Perhaps all the Energy-Star incentives have gone by unnoticed.And Federal and State tax incentives for home solar,EVs, and such.
Public education might make a difference,but you'd have to get government out of bed with fossil fuels to have a chance with the boards of education.
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