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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
The ultimate carrot is cheap, stable nuclear power.
The stick is $150 bbl oil when it was cheap, tails about paying under $3 a gallon for liquid fuel and how it was theft.

Energy star and gov money for electric vehicles is more bottom up feelgoodism.
We're just gonna have to see where utility providers, investors want to put their money,and whether or not,the government wants to fast-track the permitting process.
I've wondered about the federal incentives,and if they could be a construed as a 'shadow' admission that tailpipes may not be the smartest thing we ever came up with,without ever publicly saying so.
We already subsidize a number of industries,so it appears that zero-carbon cars may be something of long-range interest to the feds.The Pentagon and intelligence apparatus appears to be,or so they say.
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