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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
That isn't generally true though, that EVs match the range of ICE counterparts. I've never driven a car that got less than 400 miles to a tank. The CX-5 is probably the shortest range car I've driven and it goes over 400 miles just barely.

All that is besides the point, as once an EV or any vehicle is capable of 200 miles of range, people want to take a break anyhow after 3 hours of driving. The problem isn't starting range, but the slowness in adding range on a longer trip. The Chevy Bolt can go 240 miles, but takes an hour charging to add 150 miles of range. It's like a gas pump starting off with a small stream to begin with, and as the tank approaches half full, slows to a tiny trickle, finally ending with dripping fuel into the tank.

Tesla's are faster, but we really need 200 kW charging before it becomes acceptable to the mainstream. That's about twice as fast as a Tesla, and 4x as fast as a Bolt.
I was surprised that they surpass any at all.
CAR and DRIVER,on their coast-to-coast Tesla drive said that they'd grab a meal and be back on the road within 45-minutes,not trying for a full charge.
When my time comes for an EV,I'll be delighted to be inconvenienced with road trip charging.It's nice to get out of a car and move around.Now,more than ever.
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