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Originally Posted by secmil View Post
I'm currently working on getting mine to work on my '98 A4, and was wondering where you were able to tap into the fuel consumption signal...

I was looking through all of the wiring diagrams in the bentley manual, but I guess I missed that whole section. Audi owner to commiserate with!

Bentley wasn't much help for me. I found a thread on AudiWorld on retrofitting a trip computer. The fuel consumption signal came from a connector behind the passenger kick panel. I checked my car and it has the proper color wire in that spot. I hooked up the scope and it looks like the right signal.

It's a Blue/Black wire in the red connector here:

I removed the connector bracket, pulled the connectors and pushed a solid wire into the top of the connector to bring the signal out to where I could attach an alligator clip:

Remember, this is a 97 Audi A6. I don't know if the A4 will have this signal in exactly the same place. Audi is, however, pretty consistent. Since the A4 has a trip computer as an option, there must be a consumption signal somewhere. I'll bet that you will find a Blue/Black wire in a red connector in roughly the same place.

For the VSS, I found a schematic that showed the VSS going to the cruise control module. I pulled the module connector and found the signal there on a White/Blue wire. I found the same colored wire behind the kick panel and a continuity check showed them to be connected. So, I pushed a solid wire into the kick panel connector to bring that signal out.

Let me know if have any questions. Good luck.

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