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I wonder why the worst people have such power over idiots, or even pseudo-idiot people.

Here on Brazil a "spiritual" healer (charlatan that says spoke with ghosts ans have supernatural healing powers) called Joćo de Deus ("John' of God") abused a lot of women. Now with web movimens like or similar Me Too getting power, people are accusing hin, finally. There are over 400 people accusing hin now.
Some was just so stupidy that in the begining believed somehow or partially that his di...k would heal them. Of course the di...k was some sort of surprise in the therapy, in the beginning.

Stupid genes?
He probably have criminal genes (sociopath)

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Brilliant! You could market the toilet water under the brand name Teliot.

Of course, Evian spelled backwards is naive. Coincidence?

Does Gore at least have solar panels on the roof of any of his homes to give the appearance of environmentalism?