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Without getting too in-depth on conversations, man you aren't wrong. I had a long reply typed out, but I can probably just sum it up with people my age are taught convenience is above all, keeping up with the Jones' with someone else's money is cool, and dependency is normal. I'm afraid of most women for that reason lol.

Back to car talk: I have a 2010 Prius and a 1996 Ford Ranger for that exact reason with maybe 5100$ invested between the two. They are both extremely reliable and cheap to fix. (yes even the Prius...). The Prius has been knocked around a little with other people's cars, but I have just been fixing it myself and putting the insurance check towards the note.

I think the American dream isn't totally in the ****ter though. People just go about it wrong these days. Airbnb is a good way to travel. I Airbnb one of my bedrooms this summer, and besides dealing with SJWs or older folks who expect too much from the cheapest room on Airbnb it has been a great experience.

I have found a couple more interesting topics: 600W microwaves, converting mini freezers to run as a refrigerator decreases power use a ton as well with extra insulation, and other things like in the video would all make the idea more possible. I think I'm going to start with pieces here and there and get them setup to start testing and measuring power consumption and use for when I finally decide to build one. Goal really is to be more camper like, and not more camping like. That is too bare bones for me long term. lol
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