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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
The global warming elitists operate on "do as I say, not as I do" and all the believers are cool with that.
They see nothing wrong with struggling to buy gas and stay warm in winter while people like al gore heat and cool multiple empty mansions while flying around the world a private jet for holiday.
When I say man made global warming i s a religion I was trying to be nice, but it is really a cult.
A favor to yourself might involve divorcing yourself from anything but the scientific journals.
And what's wrong with 'struggle?' It's what we've evolved for.It's why cavemen left that cave on crappy days.Otherwise they,and their's would go hungry.
Share a spartan apartment,wrap up in discarded newspaper if you have to.Only buy things you can maintain within your means. Pool your savings,and give yourself your own upward mobility.Start a corporation like the Harah (sp?) brothers did.
Do whatever it takes to save money.This IS what Goldman Sachs advocates.
'A borrower nor a lender be.' Jesus of Nazereth
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