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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Al Gore is a good example of human nature though. Someone who studied atmospheric carbon build up wih the pioneering professors as far back as 1969, makes movies about atmospheric carbon, and yet finished up with politics to parlay his message into $200 million in personal wealth and live in a mansion consuming 19,000 kWh per month.
The whole world unconciously aspires to be like him. Live a life of fossil fueled luxury but buy carbon offsets on someone elses land.
Charles and Ann Lindbergh suffered the abduction and murder of their child.
People of means are targeted for kidnapping and ransom.
You could walk up to Peter Marshall's front door in Woodland Hills,or Peggy Lipton's,but you couldn't do the same for Vincent Price's in the Malibu Colony.
You might run into Jay Silverheels (The Lone Ranger's 'Tonto') at the Tarzana Hardware Store on Ventura Boulevard ,but many 'celebrities',out of necessity,sequester themselves away from the public.And it costs a lot of money.
Al Gore is going to answer for his deeds.
If your life is spotless,then good for you.A future saint.
But there remains Gore's message.
And Ask Donald Trump how much carbon he dumps in the atmosphere every time he boards Air Force One.And from the gridlock he creates wherever he goes.
And perhaps you'll want to read the meter on the White House? Mar a lago?
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