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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post

I dislike the expression 'tiny house'. Too reductive.

When you're inside a box, because of the focal length of the human eye, the walls seem to bulge inward toward you. A spherical space is psychologically more accommodative.

Plus which, the air circulation provides passive heat/cooling for free.
I mostly agree.My dome seems much more 'spacious' than it's plan-view footprint would suggest.
Passive solar heating has been okay,but our North Texas latent heat is really hard to bear without refrigerated air.Some nights the low temp. is 90-F,with a heat index of over 100.Ten years without AC probably took 20 off my lifespan.
I'm able to cool the house with 5,500 Btu/hour heat rejection.The electricity is rhetorically 'carbon-free'.
Presently,the local wind speed is very low,but it's blowing 20-mph in Amarillo wind farm,Texas.
Reynosa-V wind farm,Tamaulipas,Mexico,is 10.3 kph/with gusts to 50.5 kph.
Tehachapi Pass wind farm,California is 13.8 mph
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