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Originally Posted by mannydantyla View Post
Thanks guys!

Yeah the gaffing tape will certainly see a lot of weather between Kansas and Portland. And it will be getting us around the Portland area for 4 or 5 days, and Portland got 3" of rain in 24 hours a few days ago. I'll keep a roll of duct tape with me just in case.
If you ever want gaffing tape to come off in a hurry go to a self-serve quarter car wash and pressure wash it off.

I highly recommend not washing your car after putting the tape on it.

I recommend even more not using gaffing tape.

If you do experiment with gaffing tape, do it before the long trip, like I said mine only lasted days and you do not want failure in the middle of a long trip and lose time messing with it.

For me it was:

Gaffing tape = less than a week (in wet weather)

Foil tape (with lawn edging backer) = all winter long

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