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Another new feature unique to Teslas...

Of course the main objective of cars is to bring you from A to B, but cars can do so much more.
Yet, until recently some things were difficult. What if you need an nice romantic fireplace in the car or want to startle your passengers with a whoopie cushion? How would you do that in your car?

Tesla to the rescue!

Would I need it? No.
Do I want it? Why, yes!

Come to think of it, it's a safety feature.
You can tell people over and over again that AutoPilot is not a full-featured self driving tool; you remain responsible and must focus on the road, ready to act when needed.
But people will see AutoPilot does well most of the time and start to trust it blindly nonetheless.

But maybe less so if it farts... Would you trust a farting car to steer for you?
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