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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
Looks very un-aero to me.
Sure it's un-aero as it is currently presented, but the potential is there if the latter half has an aerodynamic shell/cap/bed.

The front half and even the wheels and wheel-covers with fairings are pretty sweet.

EDIT:'s different, has potential depending on how fancy his helmet will be.

Wrapping up Rocket work, the new speedbike which still has no name, Ironman training and the summer schedule.

The other change was to saw off the pointy Spock-ear rear wheel fairing tips. I am going to insert a custom CNC cut aluminum cap which will include some high intensity LED lights into these open holes. I also think it looks better without the extreme pointy tip. Now the curve at the rear of the wheel fairings matches the curve on the rear of the main fairing.
Very curious upper rear wheel venting, odd but I like the rocket reference.
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