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Originally Posted by mannydantyla View Post
Thanks guys!

Yeah the gaffing tape will certainly see a lot of weather between Kansas and Portland. And it will be getting us around the Portland area for 4 or 5 days, and Portland got 3" of rain in 24 hours a few days ago. I'll keep a roll of duct tape with me just in case.

The reason why I measured at 75mph and not 60mph is because 75mph is the interstate speed limit in most states these days, and that will be the speed I will go. We're making it a 3 day trip, but even then those will be long long days. Slowing down to save on fuel will not be an option. But this is not a fast speed, these days, and I'm always passed by all the other drivers except the big rigs. Even at the speed limit, I seem to be the slowest car on the road.

But for much of the drive, other vehicle on the road won't really be a factor. There will be a lot of lone, lonesome stretches, especially in Kansas, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, and East Oregon. I hear that I-80 will be mostly truckers (just what I've read, I've never been on that road). I-70 between Denver and the ski resorts will be insane, but I should hit that stretch on Saturday afternoon, well after the crazies have all raced to the slopes. I'm thinking about taking US-50 through Colorado on the way back but I'm not sure yet.

As per the comments about the "******* children who never had parents," that was quite a rant. Do you feel better now?

When my wife is driving, she'll likely go even faster. She drives about 90 on average on her daily commute to work. I'm always telling her to slow down but she has "small car syndrome" as I call it (Toyota Yaris). She hates when another car passes her, especially if it's a SUV or truck, she feels like it's a personal threat against her because her car is small. So she "defends" herself against the bigger vehicles by driving past them as quick as possible.
Is there a better available description of “childish” while at the wheel?

Would you “allow” a drunk 14-year-old with finger on the trigger of an automatic?

“Oh, it was an accident”.

Ha! It’s the same set of consequences.

It isn’t “defense”. It’s abstract reasoning. Visuo-spatial. Lack of ability and compensatory behavior. Seen in 99% of south of the border. Not capable in traffic above 45-mph. Not simply a constant problem for everyone else, but also a threat. (Can’t use cruise control either, right?).

Back to your vehicle. What MPG is it capable of? That’s sub-60/mph with enough miles to outweigh re-fill error percentages. 200-mile loop? Find that number to use as baseline. Then HP calculations can be made. No baseline = No appreciable results.


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