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Are you from some Eco-Family ?
Not making fun of you, but I think there are some american traditions in this field. Nice.

Thhe problem with aircrete for me it's about some claims. Fort example one guy who created a pump foam generator by low cost, tolding than he can cast large and high pieces, but in youtube another guy tried to create a piece of less than his own hight and the aircrete own weight made problems, since the weight would compress the foam in nthe lower areas.

So I presume the only way to cast large pieces it's in a step by step, layer by layer. One layer applied, let it dry just enough to hold the weight, so another layer come in, and so on, taking a entire day or more.

Look at 03:54, the casting, supposed one step, that I don't belive :

How such tall piece how hold itself and dry without problems without it own weight compress it in the lower portions, making a uneven aircrete ?

Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
My dad used to make it.He could get the density down to 11-pounds/per cubic foot,versus about 130-pounds/cu- ft for conventional concrete.

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