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Aircrete could be a good alternate building system for Brazil, since here portland ceament it's quite less expensive than in USA.

But one thing I don't understand.and sound foolish, maybe my ignorance : Ceament it's a kind of glue to connect sand or sand and small rocks (concrete). How can just the "glue" alone work as a material, resistent ?
Aircrete it's just this "glue" and air.

Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
yes,it was cellular concrete.He used DuPont 'Duponal' surfactant,with a very strong surface tension bond.
The surfactant was diluted in water,then forced through a foam-gun (Valved PVC tube full of stainless steel mesh),under about 150-psi air pressure,and injected into the back of a Ready Mix truckload of 8-sack,sand mix,and mixed in.The bubbles are so strong they survive the torture of the mixing and ram-forced passage through a concrete pump and hose.It's trippy stuff! Hollywood special effects!
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