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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
We never said "man has no influencen".
Just that man is not the driving force.

What it looks like is the belivers exaggerate, inflate, falsify, cherry pick varrious circumstances, events, weather and spin it look like man is destroying the planet.
If man isn't the driving force something else is, right?

You came up with sun cycles end volcanoes. There can be a sudden increase in cosmic rays. Giant meteor strike has caused climate change before.
But as far as I can tell none of these can be held responsible for the current changes. Nothing that can melt 14 thousand tonnes of glacier ice in the arctic per second.

I would not count those out as effects - just that I don't see any proof, at least this far you did not convince me that those effects do really contribute to the problem.
For me CO2 is still the main suspect.

There's enough information on climate and CO2 in the past, like here:
(by The European Geosciences Union, up to 21 december 2018)

It shows the intensity of sunlight (red) CO2 levels(yellow) and sea level changes in meters (blue) over the last 800,000 years.

You asked whether there wasn't enough CO2 during the ice ages.
Indeed, there wasn't. Over this period it has been nowhere near as high as now. Nor has the sea level...
We are at 400 ppm now, that is way off this chart. It will take some time, but sea level is certain to follow.

The European Geosciences Union is a non-profit organization of 15,000 scientists. Not just a guy, his brother and his father.
Cherry picking? This is a fat one...
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For confirmation go to people just like you.
For education go to people unlike yourself.

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