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Originally Posted by smurfbus View Post
Hello from Finland. I've had my eco UP now for one year and it has been a great little car.
Welcome !
Nice to see a fellow up CNG driver

I've done 23000km with average CNG consumption of 2.7kg/100km
I suspect you have High-energy H-Gas ?

which is 0.2 under the spec 2.9kg (which just jumped to 3.8kg with the new WLTP standard.)
I get less than that on Low-energy L-Gas ...

So far my only eco mods are VW Lupo 3L magnesium wheels with 145/80-14 ecopia tires for summer and same wheels with 165-14 MS tires for winter
Lupo 3L wheels ....
I have long wanted to do that

I wouldn't get the 145 tyres approved on the car though
Not sure about the wheels themselves either

How did it alter the gas consumption ?
Handling on 145s ?
GasDwarf's fuel consumption :
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