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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
How do they make the bio gas into sellable fuel?
Fermentation then running the gasses through a selective reverse osmosis filter (a branch of my soon-to-be-former employer makes those filter elements)

You can also get CO2 out of it for use in the beverage industry, and fertiliser that doesn't "breath" CO2 or methane into the atmosphere - home composting is not "green", it's actually as polluting as dumping ...

In the united states bio gas is almost always made and burned on site to fire a boiler at an industrial plant.
Happens often in Europe as well, but is inefficient.

If you had a home fill station, it would cost almost nothing to fill up.
Yeah - too bad the compressor is costly & needs expensive, mandatory periodic maintenance here in Belgium (likely in Finland as well), ruining the benefits.

11kg is a lot, I had to assume that a car would probably hold around 5 to no more than 8kg.
On something like a minivan, you can get up to 25-30 kg ...
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