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Originally Posted by smurfbus View Post
They mix both blends on the grid atleast on the biggest manufacturer grid and my local station is closest to the local biofactory so I dont know the grade.
Has to be H-gas with your consumption
It's rather hard work to get the up! below 3 kg on L-gas

Anyway, if it's biogas, you're doing very well
Outside of Belgium -we don't have biogas here- I try to tank biogas whenever I can

I still have my stock Up wheels with michelin energys if neeed be.
For the periodic technical test , likely

Slight lowering would be nice but its not economical enough overrall.
BTW, you're not allowed to lower a CNG up! due to R110 regulation
(height of CNG tank above the ground)
The eco up! has VW's Blue Motion Technology, which on a regular petrol up! means it gets lowered a bit, but not so on the CNG version

Maybe a Pan under the engine as it does not show out if it looks horrible.
You could install an airdam and lower the pan behind that a bit, rather than lowering the whole car

The problem with the up CNG is that it consumes so little that there isn't very much to be gained.
Mods are never going to pay for themselves
GasDwarf's fuel consumption :
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