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Originally Posted by mpg_numbers_guy View Post
Stock lights everywhere else. Might replace headlights with projectors when they die; don't want to deal with heat issues from resisters for turn signals, and I've read that LEDs for brake lights mess up regen. Interior lights are a consideration though.
You shouldn't need any resistors to make LED turn signals work, just replace the thermal flasher relay with an electronic one. They're cheap and readily available. On my 2005 Civic, the fuse panel with the relay was the one beneath the steering column and to the right; might be in a similar place on the Insight.

Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
I'd really like to replace all of the little incandescent bulbs in the dash some day. I know Natalya has replaced many of them.
I did this on the Viper, which made me decide not to do it on another car (and I never will again--the Prius is the first car I've owned that has complete LED dash lighting, and I think everything does these days). Be aware that some warning light circuits read the bulb resistance and will probably throw a code if they think the bulbs are out.

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