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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Do you have a criticism other than he is relatively well off?

What have you found that supports some good is/has been caused by global warming?
The only thing that comes to mind,is that on a regional basis,there might be a farmer who does better with his/her crop,in any particular season,than they've done before.
They might have to sell off their tractor though,and buy one with a tudor cab with air conditioning,as now it's too uncomfortable to be out in the fields.
And where they were dry land farmers before,they might have to switch to irrigation.
And you might have to sell off all your cattle,because all your stock tanks are dry and you can't afford to import water and feed as is going on in Australia today.But your other 'crop' looks great!
And that's the thing about climate change.By changing a single variable,atmospheric carbon dioxide,you open a big can of worms that you never anticipated or could imagine,nor adapt to.
I'll look and see if there's some other pluses,but right now,nothing else comes to mind.
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